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Meet the Band


​     "It is, of course, a beautiful thing to see a young man pursuing his dreams in spite of the physical challenges he's facing, but it's even better to hear him, the band, and their sound, which all comes together brilliantly" says Boomtown Brewery. This is but one of many early quotes from enthusiastic journalists and believers of Southern California’s new and upcoming alternative rock outfit, Poppy Harlo. Led by main songwriter and lead singer, Cooper Jones, the band is uniquely influenced by their musical heroes the Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains and Nirvana. Poppy Harlo, however, is clearly carving out their own niche of rock with clever, thought-provoking lyrics and pop musical hooks. Much of this emanating from the smarts, savvy, and pure passion of Jones. Cooper was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at 5 years old. A genetic disorder caused by a lack of dystrophin, a protein that protects muscles from injury, the disease leads to a progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. By high school, Jones was unable to walk. Instead of giving up, he grabbed a guitar and let this whole experience transform him into a young rock upstart playing rock and roll music and writing lyrics well beyond his years.  Jones and his band are quickly building a following through indie releases and seizing every opportunity to play out live in front of any and every audience which have already included major festivals, local headline gigs and support slots up and down the California Coast. On the logistics of touring with his disability, Jones explains “At first, we were like ‘How are we gonna get on stage with this 500-pound [wheel]chair?’ But I have to say, we've gotten pretty good at it as a team.We get the portable ramp set up and it's not really a big deal anymore. Most venues are really great about it." Over time, Cooper has welcomed a collective creative to come about from the band in rehearsals and studio prep. “I can play guitar but I’m not great. What is really great, though, is bringing an idea into the room and seeing what the band, as a whole, can do with it based on everyone’s unique expertise and experience. Everyone brings something different, and I think, as a young band, that’s what keeps us feeling like we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s to come.” Poppy Harlo comes full circle for Jones primarily with guitarist, Sean Michael Howe with whom he proudly shares musical credits. The band is rounded out by Julian Bailey on bass and Dean Foster on drums, both bringing their unique strengths and musical backgrounds to the table.  Summer of 2024 sees Poppy Harlo releasing their upcoming Ep, with its first single “Rabbit Hole” which was  released in February.  The band also plans to play stages well beyond outside their Southern California home and fanbase. Even more important... Cooper Jones will continue to wow and become even more of an influencer and mentor for others; those who continue to witness his tenacity, confidence and smarts. And who see that strength, determination, and passion can win. Without a doubt, Poppy Harlo is proof of just that.​






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